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How do we offer such low prices?

Ali B-Buds buys in wholesale or works out drop shipping & affiliate sales to offer the lowest prices on B-Buds from top rated hemp suppliers. All flower is vetted before being allowed for sale on the site. The reason we are able to offer such big discounts is because we only offer limited sizes and all of the nugs/buds are classified as "B" grade due to their size, ocassional seeds or cosmetic appearance. These high quality hemp flowers are still machine trimmed or hand trimmed nugs that just didn't make the cut to go onto the premium farm websites that they come from.

We also sell some flower trim and may offer other hemp/CBD deals as they become available. Bookmark our site as your first stop for discount hemp products!

We made this website originally to get rid of some of our own B-buds for the same purpose and would like to create community with other hemp farmers out there. If you are interested in becoming on of our partner farms, please contact us at!

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